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Last Friday Stooff organized a day for the staff. First we made a company visit to the Mayerwerft in Papenburg. To stay in the sign of interior and production, this was great for all of us to see how they work here. In between, Boenders was waiting for us in Papenburg with a delicious warm meat sandwich. Subsequently, we made a company visit to Berentzen for a guided tour.

The Saturday consisted of being active, a teambuiling that occasionally got a wet foot. The rain came from the air, but that did not spoil the fun. Everyone was allowed to show how agile they were at FurstenForest.

Because it is 1 October 20 years ago that Peter started for himself, we have, as a conclusion of these two very nice and informative days with the staff, partners and children at Grand Plaza to celebrate the 20 year anniversary. We were also allowed to put two employees in the limelight that night, Roy and Arjan. They have been working at Stooff for 12.5 years.